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Over 300 wall clock items with versatile clock Styles to fit into various environment for decoration such as home, work office.

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a.cerco Inc.

a.cerco brand inherits family business of over 30 years experiece on clock industry and manufacturing in Taiwan. We spend our best knowledge to design and produce high quality timepiece for customers, like Wholesaler, Distributor, Chain Stores, etc. We provides semi-customization for customers by allowing them to choose any kind of Case, Dail design, Logo, Clock Hands and Movement to fulfill customer needs and inquiries to increase their sales and brand image as well as helping customer to succeed and win the household Goods / Gift & Premium Market by offering competitive price and quality.

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Factory Production

Streamline from from conceptual design, 3D CAD Computerization to Manufacturing and Secondary Finishes in-house production and assembling.

  • Lead time– Able to produce 30,000 clocks/month.
  • Equipment– Plastic Injection machine from 80 tons to 650 tons.  Painting, Plating, Printing, Hot Stamping, Product Assemble.
  • Quality– Offer OEM/ODM service to produce world class designer clocks.
  • History– 30 years establishment of company.
  • Service– Injection Molding OEM/ODM Clocks , customization clocks for customers.
  • Product– More than 200 types Clocks for customer satisfaction.
a.cerco factory

Shipment / Export Operation

a.cerco Clock has delivered to many countries and co-work with wholesaler/ distributor / retailer from all over the world. We are doing our best to ensure our customer’s satisfaction about our efficiency / reliability and quality.

a.cerco clock shipment from Taiwan

We are pleased to introduce our background to you, and requires any additional information, Please feel free to contact us anytime, We are happy to be serving your request.


a.cerco Inc.

  • General Manager: Miss Emily Wang
  • Sales Director: Mr. Darren Lin  (Mobile +886 935 821421)
  • skype: a.cerco
  • Email: darren_lin@acerco.com.tw
  • Website: acerco.com.tw

Office – Wall Clock Show Room

  • Tel: +886 4 2566 2002
  • Address: No.10, Ln. 125, Xuefu Rd., Daya Dist., Taichung City, 428, Taiwan


  • Tel:  +886 4 2566 6875      Fax: +886 4 2566 6899
  • Address: No.3, Longshan St.,Daya Dist.,Taichung City, 428 Taiwan


  • 總經理: 王小姐 (Emily)
  • 業務總監: 林先生 (手機: 0935 821421)
  • 統編: 54580413
  • skype: a.cerco
  • 信箱: darren_lin@acerco.com.tw
  • 網站: acerco.com.tw

辦公室 – 商品展示間

  • 電話: 04 2566 2002     傳真: +886 4 2566 2002
  • 地址: 428 台中市大雅區學府路125巷10號 (星期六/日公休)


  • 電話:  +886 4 2566 6875     傳真: +886 4 2566 6899
  • 地址: 428 台中市大雅區龍善街三號