Taiwan Factory (台灣工廠)

We provides semi-customization for Customers by allowing them to choose any kind of Case, Dail design, Logo, Clock Hands and Movement that Customers specifically request.

Capacity in Short

  • Lead time– Able to produce 35,000 clocks/month.
  • Equipment– Plastic Injection machine from 80 tons to 650 tons.  Painting, Plating, Printing, Hot Stamping, Product Assemble.
  • Quality– Offer OEM/ODM service to produce world class designer clocks.
  • History– 30 years establishment of company.
  • Service– Injection Molding OEM/ODM Clocks , customization clocks for customers.
  • Product– More than 200 types Clocks for customer satisfaction.


Factory and Warehouse Flooring 2,200 Square-Meters


 ↓Inejction Molding / Production Department


↓Automatic Production Line and Equipments


↓Stamping Press and Electro Plating Paint


↓Spray Painting Department


↓Material Management


↓Printing Department.- Hot Stamp Print, Hot Roller Print, etc.


↓Product Assemble Department.- Assembling Line


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